Triggers Plugin

With Triggers you can take a command you would normally perform in Kupfer, such as launching an application or opening a document, and bind a global key combination to run this command. As long as Kupfer is running, any application can have the current focus.

Basic Usage

Creating a new trigger

  1. Set up a command in Kupfer that you want to run

  2. Press Ctrl+Return to create a composed command.

  3. Type Tab and select the action Add Trigger... and press Return

  4. Using the window that appears, press modifier keys and a letter or number key to set a global shortcut. An example is pressing and holding Ctrl+Alt and then pressing and releasing R to bind Ctrl+Alt+R.

Removing a trigger

  1. Find the source Triggers in Kupfer and press to see its contents.

  2. Find the active trigger in the list and use the action Remove Trigger.

Since trigger keyboard shortcuts are global, they can be used from any application. Select shortcuts with care so that they do not conflict with other functions.

Power User Tips

Proxy objects such as Selected Text, Clipboard Text, Clipboard File, Frontmost Window, Last Command et cetera allow very powerful triggers.

The application action Launch is special; if you bind a trigger using Launch, it will start the application if it is not running, but focus the application when it is already running. By contrast, Start Again will start the application if it is running or not.

Example Triggers

Text Editor → Launch

Start Text Editor or focus its window if it is already running.

Selected Text → Search in Wikpedia

Search using the currently selected text.

Songs → Search Contents

You may even add a trigger to open a specific subcatalog in Kupfer, for example Rhythmbox's songs.