Favorites Plugin

With Favorites you mark objects, for example files, for quicker access. It is a sort of shelf on which you can store objects in Kupfer. Objects marked as favorites will also be ranked higher and are adorned with a star symbol.

Basic Usage

  1. Find an object in Kupfer

  2. Type Tab and select either the action Add to Favorites or Remove from Favorites.

Power User Tips

If you favorite an object, you can access it in more places. Not only in the "Favorites" subcatalog, but also as the indirect (secondary) object for some actions. For example:

  • Command-lines from favorites are quick to access.

  • When scaling images with the Scale... action from the Image Tools plugin. This action needs a size description as the third object, like "1024" or "1200x800". If you often scale to the same size, say "1200x800", add this to favorites, and it will always appear as a suggestion for the action.

  • Actions needing an email address as the indirect object will pick up email addresses from favorites as well as well.